The Science of Harry Potter

GRADES: 3rd-7th

TEACHER: Martha Zittel

MEETS: Thursdays at 11am

COST: $225 for 14 weeks


A talking hat that can read your thoughts? Not likely, but we can talk about neuroscience and the opportunity to see how your brain works. 
Did you say you want to use a broom to fly? Well, let's discuss gravitational forces and aerodynamics before trying it out. 
J.K. Rowling's beloved series contains many of these examples that we can investigate through the lens of science. From the fantastic beast that got imprinted in fossils and sparked many legends to the world of owls, geometrical magic, Mesoamerican ball games, and carnivorous plants as deadly as the whomping willow.  
Muggles can be magical too. 
We will keep a journal of drawings of our scientific discussions.  This class is intended for the FALL and SPRING.

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