Singapore Math 5B

MEETS: Tuesdays at 1pm AND Thursdays at 10am

(students must be able to attend both days)
TEACHER: Petra Poschmann
COST: $395
WEBSITE: Coming Soon

The Singapore Math curriculum provides the framework for building a comprehensive math education. We will meet twice a week which adds accountability while incorporating the opportunity for your student to ask questions in a live format and practice problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in a group setting. 

A very important element of this class is the bi-weekly homework assignment from 3 types of workbooks: the main Workbook which goes hand-in-hand with the Textbook, an Intensive Practice book and a Challenging Word Problems book. It is essential for this class to do the minimum amount of homework assigned after each class meeting. 


The topics covered in Singapore Math 5B are the following:


- Decimals: approximation, multiplication and division by tens, hundreds or thousands, 

multiplying by a 2-digit whole number, and conversion of measurements.

- Percentage

- Average

- Rate

- Graphs

- Triangles: sum of angles, isosceles and equilateral, drawing triangles

- 4-sided Figures: parallelograms, rhombuses and trapezoids, drawing them.

- Tessellations

- Volume: cubes and cuboids, finding the volume of a solid.

- Lots of word problems

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